Academic Year Meal Plans

We’re not big on clichés at PantherDining, but it’s true, sometimes the early bird gets the worm (errrr, meal plan). This year, we want to help you get ahead on your fall to-do list any way we can – which means discounted meal plans. That’s right, from now through June 1 register for a 7-day meal plan and pay the price of a 5-day plan. No games or gimmicks.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you won’t be living in Patton, Piedmont North or Piedmont Central for 2016-2017 this promotion is for you
  • Click the button below to register for a 5-day meal plan (don’t worry, you’ll be registered for a 7-day plan, but charged only for a 5-day)
  • By paying the 5-day meal plan price you can visit the dining halls as often as you want (even if you only choose to go Monday-Friday like you would with a 5-day plan
  • FREE FOOD ON US EVERY WEEKEND! Purchase the 5-day meal plan and enjoy spending your weekends with friends or binge watching your favorite shows without ever having to step foot in a grocery store or kitchen. For an additional 32 weekends during the school year, you can grab brunch and dinner every Saturday and Sunday all at no additional charge to you
  • Enter your information after selecting the plan and you’re all set to dine starting in August
  • Don’t miss out though, this promotion is only valid from now through June 1
Sign-up now! 


Sign-up for a plan and enjoy unlimited access to an “all you care to eat” dining experience in Patton Dining Hall, Piedmont North Dining Hall and Piedmont Central Dining Hall (opening in August). Our meal plans are a commitment for a Full Academic Year (fall and spring semester). The first date of service is Thursday, August 18th, 2016.

Academic Year 2016-2017 Unlimited 5-Day Meal Plan

• Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday
$3,630 (2 equal installments of $1,815 per semester)

Academic Year 2016-2017 Unlimited 7-Day Meal Plan

• Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, as well as brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday
$3,832 (2 equal installments of $1,916 per semester)
• For only $101 extra you can continue to dine with us for 16 additional weekends each semester

Visitors and guests of Georgia State University, along with faculty, staff and students are welcome to dine at the meal plan dining locations.

Our fixed meal prices are:

  • Breakfast: $8
  • Lunch: $10
  • Dinner: $15
  • Weekends: $10